Disk One is an experimental display server with the goal of making light art more accessible.

Its integrated web controller provides a graphical interface to:

  • Configure LED creations that are mapped arbitrarily and powered by readily available tech
  • Collect and display lossless motion graphics like HTML5 Canvas and WebGL
  • Share your media over peer-to-peer (IPFS) channels and add subscriptions to download new content

For Makers:

Install the software on a Raspberry Pi, plug in an Arduino and connect any supported addressable RGB lights to get going.

For Creative Coders:

Display browser compatible media on LED arrays by URL or direct upload. Freely sort, edit and publish local content, e.g. a saved p5.js sketch.

For Hackers:

Use the API together with other apps to automate behaviour. The possibilities range from matching brightness with environment to more complex interactions with hundreds of smart home devices supported in Home Assistant.

Get Started

Check out photos from a sample build log here.

Tested with two popular types of LED; NeoPixels and DotStars (aka WS2812s and APA102s respectively) on Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Uno devices. For more information and instructions see the README:

This software is not suitable to be used in a production environment due to a lack of security precautions and testing!